Places to visit in September

As the monsoon starts retreating, nature paints the valleys and rolling hills green and the rain droplets create a surreal atmosphere to visit places in September.

The receding monsoons may result in a little drizzle here and there, but we assure you that the destinations we have enlisted will inspire, stun and leave you yearning to explore.

Whether you want a weekend break or a charming mountain retreat, before winter, September is the perfect time for you to put on the travel shoes and head to Northeast India.

Here are a few destinations that are reminiscent of fairytales, as well as those where nature shines through.

List of Northeast India places to visit in September

1. Krem Chympe, Meghalaya

If you are looking for a colossal cave that will leave you stunned and yearning to explore, then head out to Krem Chympe, the nation’s 5th longest cave. This mystical cave is located in the East Khasi hills of Meghalaya. At a walking distance of 3 km approximately north along the path from the town of Khaddum to Sielkam, this cave river will undeniably allow you to make an unforgettable experience.

Krem Chympe, Meghalaya
Image Credit: Twitter

2. Reiek Tlang, Mizoram

For all the adventure enthusiasts, it’s a piece of good news that you have a new destination to explore. 

The Reiek Tlang in Aizawl is one of the highest hills in Mizoram. From the top of the hill, one can get a glimpse of the scenic landscape, lush green valleys, and hills of Mizoram. If you go on a clear day, you will witness the plains of Bangladesh from this paradisiacal hill.

Reiek Tlang, Mizoram
Image Credit: @neindiatraveler

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3. Dong, Arunachal Pradesh

If you want to witness the first sunrise in the country, then you should visit Dong Village in Arunachal Pradesh. This small picturesque village is inhabited by the Meyors which is 7 kilometers away from Walong.

Snow-capped mountains and dense pine forests make this place worth visiting. It is to be noted that the millennium sunrise was observed by people from all across the globe at Dong on 1 January 2000. Now the village is connected by an iron floored foot suspension bridge over the Lohit river.

Dong, Arunachal Pradesh
Image Credit: Instagram

4. Gurudongmar lake, Sikkim

Isn’t it rare to find a destination that is breathtaking and sacred at the same time?

Lavishly sprawled at an altitude of 5425 m, the pristine Gurudongmar lake is located at Sikkim and is the perfect place to visit this September.

This majestic lake is one of the highest lakes in the world. Interestingly, this lake is a revered site for Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists. Its striking emerald green coloured water is said to have curative properties. 

If you are a travel enthusiast who is mesmerised by India’s cultural history and legends, then this spot is tailor-made for you to figure out why it holds an aura of sacredness among the natives of Sikkim.

Gurudongmar lake, Sikkim
Image Credit: Pinterest

5. Nakkati Hills, Assam

India’s Mc Affee Knob, Nakkati Hills is located on the outskirts of the Bongaigaon district of Assam. 

For those of you who are not aware, this peak-shaped nose is also a major trekking destination in Assam. These mesmerising hills are approximately 19 kilometers away from the district headquarters Bongaigaon as well as New Bongaigaon(NBQ) railway station. 

There is another way from Boitamri(NH-17) to this hill which is almost 16 KMs distance. 

Nakkati Hills, Assam
Image Credit: tripoto

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6. Wari Chora, Meghalaya

If you haven’t been on a trip to this otherworldly land, then it’s time for you to have a magical experience. 

Snuggled in Meghalaya’s Paromegre village South Garo Hills, this unexplored hamlet is about 87 km from Tura. Wari, in the local dialect, means a “deep river”.

With arresting views of a beautiful river canyon, one shall forget the daily stress of its hypnotic beauty scenery.

To get a closer look at this divine beauty in Meghalaya, you should use a lifeboat surrounding each side by approximately 10,15ft of the gorge.

Wari Chora, Meghalaya
Image Credit: Instagram

7. Khangkhui Mangsor Cave, Manipur

Locally known as the Khangkhui Mangsor, the Khangkhui Cave is a natural limestone is situated in Khangkhui, a small Tangkhul Naga village, 16 kilometers away from Ukhrul, Manipur.

This cave is considered to be one of the oldest archaeological caves in India. It comprises two chambers and five tunnels. This cave dates back to the Palaeolithic age and has a huge hall also known as the durbar hall of the devil. Followed by darkness, it is believed that the devil lived in the cave along with his two wives.

Next comes a pit which is known as shirata which means “falling star hole“.

Khangkhui Mangsor Cave, Manipur
Image Credit: Pinterest

According to popular folklore, this tunnel connects to the Thoubal river at one end and Loktak at the other. Although there is no such evidence found about this tunnel, it extends to 150 odd km.  Khangkhui cave was used as a shelter by the local people during the second world war.

Convinced enough to pack your bags and put on your travel shoes?

Now that we have recommended 7 mesmerizing places, you should definitely add these to your itinerary while on a trip to Northeast India this September.
After all, nothing is more exciting than visiting offbeat destinations in Northeast India that will awaken the travel bug in you.

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