Aizawl: Various ethnic tribes of Chin-Kuki-Mizo-Zomi-Hmar group in Manipur and tribal MLAs have resolved not to engage in any dialogue with the present BJP-led Manipur government headed by Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, the group said in a statement. 

Eight MLAs and various non-Nagas tribal organisations from Manipur held a political consultation in Aizawl on Wednesday and discussed the future of the tribal people in the wake of ethnic violence that rocked the neighbouring state recently.

The meeting resolved to stand unitedly to face the present communal crisis in Manipur, the statement said. 

“The meeting resolved to stand unitedly to face the present communal crisis and not to engage in any dialogue or talk with the present Manipur government,” the statement issued by all the delegates said. 

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The meeting decided to hold consultation on a wider scale at the earliest so as to arrive on a logistic common political agenda with other groups, it said. 

Meanwhile, a leader, who took part at the meeting, said that a separate administration in the form of Union Territory (UT) or other political safeguard was widely deliberated in the meeting. 

However, the leader, who chose to be anonymous, refused to comment on whether or not the meeting reached a consensus on the agenda.

He said that they have to keep in mind other tribal groups especially the Nagas in Manipur and they will hold meetings with them for a common political agenda. 

Earlier on May 12, 10 Kuki MLAs, including 7 from the BJP, had urged the Centre to create a separate administration for the tribal people in the wake of the violent clashes between majority Meiteis and the tribals.

The MLAs had said that their people could no longer exist under Manipur as the hatred against the tribal community reached such a height that MLAs, ministers, pastors, police and civil officers, laymen, women and even children were not spared in the recent ethnic violence.

Parts of Manipur witnessed ethnic violence earlier this month, which claimed over 70 lives, left several injured and displaced thousands. 

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