As a part of its World Space Week celebrations, NASA is celebrating its #WomenInSpace. The space agency has released a new graphic novel that features a fictional character, Callie Rodriguez, the first woman to land on Moon.

The interactive graphic novel shows Rodriguez from her childhood with a dream of going up in space to becoming the first woman to achieve the feat, hoping to inspire a generation of women.

“For #WorldSpaceWeek we are celebrating #WomenInSpace! Inspired by real @NASA_Astronauts, our new graphic novel follows Callie Rodriguez, from her childhood dreams of space travel to becoming the “First Woman” on the Moon,” wrote NASA in a Twitter post.

October 4, marked the beginning of NASA’s World Space Week and their theme for the year 2021 was chosen as Women In Space.

“With today’s release of our graphic novel First Woman: NASA’s Promise for Humanity you don’t have to wait to join us on an inspiring adventure in space. Meet Commander Callie Rodriguez, the first woman to explore the Moon – at least in the comic book universe,” says NASA on its website, sharing a sneak-peak from its brand new comic series.

From her childhood aspirations of space travel to being selected as an astronaut candidate, Callie takes us on her trailblazing journey to the Moon.

As they venture out to check on a problem at a lunar crater, Callie shares with RT and the crew that she was captivated by space as a kid, and how time in her father’s autobody shop piqued her interest in building things and going places.

Through disappointment, setbacks, and personal tragedy, Callie pursues her passions and eventually achieves her lifelong dream of becoming an astronaut – a road inspired by the real lives of many NASA astronauts living and working in space today.

You too can be a part of Callie’s adventure. Experience it through NASA’s first-ever extended reality-enabled graphic novel here.

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