Bettors, do you know that 96Ace casino has one of the most comprehensive sportsbook sites on the market? If you don’t, now you do!

Experience punters and sports enthusiast who wants to bring their excitement to the next level can look no further than 96Ace for a lucrative and thrilling sports betting experience. Do you want to know what you can bet in this awesome online casino? Literally, everything. But to make life easier for you, we have listed down the top 10 most popular sports that you can bet in 96Ace to make big money.

1. Football

Football or soccer is one of the most famous and prolific sports in the world. It also boasts the world’s biggest sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championship, English Premier League, UEFA Champions League and more. Millions of fans travel worldwide or across town to support their favourite teams in the flesh, meanwhile, billions more fans watch football matches live on television or streaming services (apps or websites) on a weekly basis.

Therefore, football is one of the most-bet sports on the planet, with a lucrative payout if you strike your bets. When the football season has arrived, fans will be excited to see their favourite teams in action while punters will have heated discussions and analyses on who to bet and how the bet shall be. With 96Ace, gamblers can access its sportsbook page for a comprehensive site of total football online sports betting action across hundreds of leagues all over the world, 24/7.

2. Horse Racing

Before football, there was horse racing.

Horse racing is a traditional sport, famous among punters since more than a century ago. Today, it is more alive than ever albeit lesser known than other contemporary sports that we know today. Horse racing is still a massive market in some other parts of the world such as Singapore, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, the USA and Hong Kong.

In 2021, horse racing bets made revenue of HKD136.1 billion to Hong Kong’s economy. Meanwhile, Japan made JPY912.29 billion from horse racing bets itself. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the United Kingdom made revenue of GBP1.04 billion from horse racing between April and September 2020 with events like Royal Ascot, Grand National and Epsom Derby drawing huge wagers. On the other side of the world, the United States host big events annually such as the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, Breeders’ Cup and more. 

3. Tennis

The popularity of tennis is not far behind football. Tennis is a lucrative sport with big events like the Australian Open, French Open, US Open and Wimbledon that garnered millions of viewers. They offer high prize money to the players and some of the key people who made it in tennis are Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Daniil Medvedev and more. They are some of the leading players in the tennis world today.

Due to its popularity, tennis betting is common among punters and the payout is high during major tournaments as mentioned above. Punters can bet on men’s and women’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles with various betting options to pick such as Outright (tournament winner), Match Betting (match-winner), Handicap, Over-Under, In-Play and more. Also, you can bet on any tennis match with ease because if there is a match you want to bet on, a bookie will surely be there to help you because tennis betting is a major profit generator for bookmakers.

4. Basketball

The NBA league (National Basketball Association) is the leading competition for the basketball sport. Basketball is a huge sport among many people and the NBA season is filled with much high-intensity action and thrills. The long NBA season provides bettors with many opportunities to bet on NBA events from October to July. Some of the famous basketball wagers include Moneyline (different odds based on who will win), Totals (combined score of each team), Quarter or First Half Lines, Half Time, Parlay or Teaser, Future Bets and Accumulator (multiple betting options combined into one bet).

5. American Football

American football is the United States brand of football, not to be confused with soccer (also known as football) as the world knows it. American football is played professionally and at the college level with great enthusiasm and their annual tournament is famously known as the National Football League (NFL). These league games will culminate in the Superbowl, whereby 2 selected high performing teams will compete against each other. 

American football is the most popular sport to bet in the US. It has a huge betting market in the home country and abroad. A large number of games are played weekly, offering punters many chances of winning big cash.

6. Golf

Golf popularity is rising and it has become one of the popular sports to bet on in casino websites. There are many types of betting options to pick across 78 players present at any moment during a game on the course, which can last from 3 to 4 days long. Golf has plenty of odds, opportunities and variable outcomes than other sports on the list. The major sporting events for golf are the US Open, British Open, Masters, PGA Tournaments and team events like the Ryder Cup. Furthermore, golf is played by 60 million people around the world, making it one of the most played sports globally. 

7. Rugby

The 2019 Rugby World Cup is the biggest rugby event in history, follow up by the Six Nations Championship in Europe, the Home Nations tournament in the Southern Hemisphere, the Super Rugby League Premiership, and the Top 14 and the Champion Cup. This makes rugby to be one of the most popular sports in the world, and also one of the most-bet sports on the sports betting chart. Currently, there are 30 rugby-playing countries in the world, and other new countries are catching up with their rugby endeavours. So, look out for the rugby sports, as they could possibly be the most lucrative sports to bet on.

8. Boxing

Boxing is one of the traditional sports famous among punters from the days long gone. It was the sports that rake in big bucks in the betting arena. Now, besides boxing, there are more options to bet in the world of blood sports such as mixed martial arts (MMA) in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and One Championship. Due to UFC and One, the MMA scene is getting a power boost among the people, the fandoms are increasing, and so as the betting stakes. In blood sports such as boxing and MMA, betting on the underdog is way more profitable than the favourite.

9. Hockey

Hockey is the least popular sport on this list. Their fanbase is not as large as the sports mentioned above, more so that it is ice hockey which is a very niche sport in the market. Currently, the betting market attention is on the National Hockey League (NHL) in North America. Fret not, although the market is not as efficient as other sports, this gives bettors an advantage to earn cash in a less competitive and hyped sport. Get yourself familiarised with the rules and regulations of ice hockey gameplay, and you are good to go with your betting spree on the NHL.

10. E-Sports

Come the new millennium, the popularity of online video games went on a massive spike along with the advancement of internet technology. This led to the coming of competitive virtual gaming which is called e-sports. It is a fast-growing betting market in terms of volumes and e-sports players are lucrative earners in their own rights. Gaming providers now are adding e-sports in their catalogue with high payout to sports bettors who win. Some of the famous games you can bet in e-sports are Battlegrounds, MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA and more. With the popularity of e-sports ever-rising, it will be one of the most lucrative sports to bet on in the offline and online gambling world.

Conclusion…Bet in 96Ace

96Ace online casino is the ideal betting site for your sports betting adventures. You can bet on all the popular sports around the world, in every tournament. 96Ace works with the most trusted and experienced providers to give you the best payout in town, including additional rewards such as Welcome Bonus, Daily Unlimited Bonus, Daily Unlimited Rebates, Sportsbook Bonus and more. Besides sportsbook, you can also play other casino games such as live casinos, lotteries, slot games, and more. If you need any assistance, feel free to approach 96Ace’s customer support via its 24/7 live chat and instant messaging app for resolution, and your enquiries will be resolved promptly by our friendly and well-trained staff. Undeniably, 96Ace is the best online casino for you to win real money.

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