Before we dwell on this hotly-debated subject, let’s first understand the authentic meaning of betting. According to the dictionary, betting is “the activity of risking; trying to guess the result of a race or event.”

The meaning of fantasy sport is: “games in which you choose a team of real sports players from different teams and win points according to how well the players play each week.”

While betting involves a high element of risk and is largely based on guesswork, fantasy sport is a platform for enthusiastic fans to virtually test their skills and knowledge and boost their aspiration for the team or sport they passionately follow.  

The most important distinction between betting and fantasy sport is that in the former the success is dependent on the outcome of the event. You win if you guess it right or stand to lose everything if you guessed it wrong. Whereas in fantasy sport, the result of the match has no bearing on your game. Every instance in the game provides you with an opportunity to earn points.  

There is an element of fluke and luck factor while placing bets. But it is not the same while playing fantasy sports. Your decisions are backed by data and hardcore analysis. Players are chosen carefully after thorough research; you are virtually like the team coach or captain steering the ship. In fantasy sport, you get into the captain’s shoes and put your best playing XI on the field after carefully analysing the opponent’s strength, conditions, suitable combinations, the form of the players, injuries to any key players if any, etc.  

Unlike betting which is a game of chance, fantasy sport is a game of skills. Of course, a little bit of luck is involved in both, but decisions taken in fantasy sports are well-thought-out.    

Daily fantasy cricket has become an extension for fans to express themselves in the best possible manner. It gives them a unique platform where you create your team for every game, play match-ups and also extend their social circle through these gaming destinations. 

The reason fantasy sport is popular is because it gives the die-hard fans a moment to feel proud about their decision-making ability when their predictions come true. It is like a small pat on the back for achieving those little milestones and truly knowing the team or the sport. One keeps an eye for details while following the game. All that matters is climbing the leaderboard by gaining maximum points through skills and intelligence.  

Apart from the thrill that one experiences, fantasy sport also gives you an opportunity to learn new things about the game. With fantasy sport, you are not just passively following the game, but actively getting involved in the game. It also builds a deeper connection with the sport or the team.

We all are aware that betting in India is not legal as it is purely a game of chance. However, if fantasy sport is given legal sanctions in India, then one would be thinking that why is it still prohibited in some states of the country? 

Certain states like Sikkim, Assam, Nagaland, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have accepted their own legislation. The reason is that they feel any game of mixed chance and skill, played by real money, is tantamount to betting.

The Indian courts of law have been providing different stands and nudging the state governments to authorise these fantasy sports platforms. The legal status in India is pretty clear that fantasy sport is an authorised platform. The courts have also made it clear that fantasy sport does not fall under the Public Gambling Act.  

However, one has to remain cautious while playing fantasy sports, especially fantasy cricket. Cricket is like a religion in India, the passionate supporters should ideally be above 18 to enter the gaming platform. The reason being advocated is that one attains maturity by then and is expected to play responsibly.

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