International Olympic Day is celebrated on June 23 every year to show solidarity to countries across the world, in sports and health. This occasion marks the day when International Olympic Committee was founded in 1894. 

This day aims at promoting sports and spreads the message of making sports an integral part of life.

This day holds a significant value in a  peace-building approach across the world as it promotes and encourages more people to participate in the Olympic Games and spread awareness about the event and promote the Olympic Movement.

Olympic Movement is based on three pillars: “move”, “learn” and “discover” – the National Olympic Committees have been deploying sports, cultural and educational activities to encourage participation regardless of age, gender, social background, or sporting ability.

This movement is not based on just the idea of organising games but seen as an association of philosophy and values. There are seven Olympic and Paralympic values.

Core Olympic Values

Excellence: Striving for excellence and encouraging people to be the best they can be.

  1. Friendship: Celebrating friendship, which is unique to the Olympic Games – an event that brings people together every few years.
  2. Respect: Demonstrating respect in many different manners: respect towards yourself, the rules, your opponents, the environment, the public, etc.

Core Paralympic Values: 

1. Courage: It encompasses the unique spirit of the Paralympian who seeks to accomplish what the general public deems unexpected, but what the para-athlete knows as truth. It showcases someone who rises above their circumstances and shows their true worth. 

2. Determination: The manifestation of the idea that Para athletes push their physical ability to the absolute limit. Paralympian will push themselves to the limit to achieve what they set out to do.

 3. Inspiration: When intense and personal affection is begotten from the stories and accomplishments of Para athletes, and the effect is applying this spirit to one’s personal life. Paralympians act as positive role model and use their achievements to lead the way for others. 

4. Equality: Parasport acts as an agent for change to break down social barriers of discrimination for persons with an impairment. The Paralympic movement recognises that people have equal worth whatever their differences and take action to overcome prejudice and discrimination. 

This year, the World Health Organization (WHO) discussed the management of Covid-19 risks associated with Olympic games, with Japanese authorities and the International Olympic Committee when the organiser of the event declared the possibility of permission to attend the Tokyo Games. They also said that up to 10,000 domestic spectators would be permitted to attend the Tokyo Games.

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