Group E: Sweden vs Poland, Spain vs Slovakia 

Time: 9.30 pm IST

Sweden has qualified, and a win against Poland would mean Sweden tops the group, while Poland crashes out of the tournament. If they lose, and Spain and Slovakia draw, then all three teams will have the same points (Poland will crash out) and the goal difference will decide the final positions. 

Slovakia only needs to avoid a defeat against Spain to qualify for the next round although that sounds much easier than it will be because Spain must win to guarantee their position in the next round. Even a draw will take them to the next round as long as Poland lose to Sweden. If Slovakia beats Spain and Poland beats Sweden, Slovakia will top the group. 

Poland will go through if they win their match against Sweden. 

Group F: France vs Portugal, Germany vs Hungary

Time: 12:30 am IST

By winning against Germany and drawing against Hungary, the French have qualified, but they are still hoping to top the group, which they will if they win against Portugal. Even if they draw, they will top the group if Germany vs Hungary ends in a draw. But if the French lose, and Hungary wins against Germany, the second place will be decided on goal difference. 

Germany will go through as long as they don’t lose against Hungary. They will finish top of the group if they win and France lose to Portugal. If Germany draws and France lose, then they will finish third. 

Portugal will have to avoid a defeat to go through. They will finish top of the group if they win and Germany fail to beat Hungary. However, if they lose to France and Germany also loses to Hungary, the Portuguese will finish at the bottom of the group. Ouch. 

Hungary will have to win to qualify for the next round. A win for them, coupled with France losing means the second place will be decided on goal difference. They will finish third if they win and the France Portugal match is a draw. 

How do the third-placed teams look?

The Czech Republic and Switzerland have taken two of the four spots for the third-placed teams. Portugal and Ukraine are the other two teams in the third position in their groups with 3 points each. The final-day results will decide the other two slots. 

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