Cricket is a highly celebrated and deeply loved sport around the world. In India, the sport is treated almost like a religion and is thoroughly enjoyed by nearly everyone. An exciting cricket match has the power to bring families, friends, and even strangers for that matter, together to cheer for the team they love and celebrate its victory. You must have heard people commenting on the sport like experts in the game. That is how attached everyone in India is to this bat-and-ball sport. 

But is everybody putting their sports expertise to use? Are you making the most of your knowledge of the game and your cricket skills? Everybody wants to be a cricket pundit, but there is no guarantee for the success of your strategy until it is tested in the game. The fantasy sports industry has been able to change that and a lot of other things in a significant way. Now you can utilise your cricket knowledge and implement your game strategies without actually going out on the field to play.

There are many highly valued fantasy sports start-ups in India. One certified and popular fantasy sports app with over 8 million users is Howzat. Just like cricket, there is something special about Howzat too. It allows you to play fantasy sports using your skills and knowledge of the sport. In only a few years, it has gained huge popularity and become a big name in the industry, with thousands of new players registering on the app every day. Let’s take a look at how online cricket apps like Howzat have changed the game for the better:

1. Allows you to use and test your cricket skills: Unless you are a player on the field, you can’t test and try your cricket strategies. The arrival of fantasy cricket apps has changed that. Now you can play fantasy cricket online anytime anywhere. Fantasy cricket allows you to create teams using your expertise in the game. You can now strategize and then test your strategies in a competition based on a real-life cricket match. Your knowledge about the cricketers, pitch conditions, weather conditions, batting and bowling line-ups, etc. is essential that decides the outcome of your game. So you better bring those brilliant skills to the front and experience the adrenaline rush like never before. Online fantasy cricket is an excellent way for fans to use their knowledge of cricket to win exciting cash prizes on apps like Howzat. 

2. Provides quality entertainment: Fantasy cricket is the best possible way to have some fun and enjoy yourself whenever you feel like it. Thanks to the availability of high-speed internet, you can now play fantasy cricket at home, while waiting for something or doing anything, anytime, anywhere. Sitting in a cab and stuck in traffic? Waiting for a food order to be delivered? Taking a tea/coffee break? Waiting for a family video call to start? Exhausted all movies/web series on Netflix? The answer to all these is very simple: play fantasy cricket and win big on Howzat. To make the user experience enjoyable and seamless, the game incorporates exceptional graphics that perfectly imitate a real-life cricket match. With super appealing graphics, Howzat is a powerful dose of entertainment that allows you to experience the excitement of real cricket whenever and wherever you like.

3. Offers exciting cash prizes: Not just real-life cricket, but fantasy cricket also offers whopping cash prizes. All you need to do is simply register on a cricket app like Howzat and start playing. You can start your fantasy journey by playing unlimited practice games. Practice games will allow you to gain an understanding of the game and improve your gaming skills before you start playing for real cash. Remember to have an action plan and knowledge about the match that you want to join. Your expertise and skills can help you win whopping big cash prizes and other exciting rewards.

Online games are growing in popularity by the day, and there is no going down from here on. Fantasy cricket has broken barriers and has come out on top as a great way for fans to play the sport at a time and place of their choice. Playing cricket on the field will always hold a special place in people’s hearts, but online fantasy cricket seems to be pushing its way up the popularity charts. All you need is some knowledge of the game, and you can start playing exciting matches. Wondering about how to play fantasy cricket? Gaming platforms like Howzat offer a detailed tutorial section on their website that will help you get started with the game on the app. You can download the Howzat fantasy app right away and register to join a match to experience the thrill.