Super Blood Moon in Easter sky on May 26 evening

Countries in the western hemisphere will be lucky enough to witness the first lunar eclipse of 2022 on May 15 and 16. However, the eclipse will not be visible in India, just like the partial solar eclipse which occurred on April 30.

However, NASA will stream the eclipse live on its YouTube channel and you can watch it here:

According to NASA, the eclipse will be a partial one and will be visible to stargazers in South and West Asia, Africa, parts of the Indian ocean, entire South America, much of North America and a few islands in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Stargazers will be able to see a red-tinted Moon, also known as the ‘Blood Moon,’ during the partial lunar eclipse. 

A lunar eclipse, notably, takes place when the Sun, Earth, and a full Moon form a near-perfect lineup in space, in what is known as syzygy. The Moon slides into Earth`s shadow, gradually darkening, until the entire lunar disk turns from silvery grey to an eerie dim orange or red. Then events unfold in reverse order, until the Moon returns to full brilliance. 

The whole process for the May 16 eclipse will take about five hours and 20 minutes.

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