Gangtok: Opposition Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) has blamed the ruling Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) government of trashing the affidavit filed by the SDF on the immigrant tag.

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, SDF spokesperson MK Subba accused the Golay government of trashing the affidavit filed by the SDF government on ‘Old Settlers IT Exemption case’.

He stated that had CM Golay paid attention to the affidavit that the SDF government submitted, this issue would not have arisen. “The Sikkim government and CM knew about the verdict but chose to neglect it and now, he is running for cover and fumbling for excuses. Now half a month is lost since the verdict,” he said.

Lamenting that “the CM is buying time”, Subba said the Golay-led government has timed the review petition conveniently to evade dealing with the affidavit filed by the SDF.

On the basis of Article 137 of Indian Constitution for review petitions, Subba said, “It is a difficult situation once a review is given. We have very less chance. If he (CM Golay) has the capacity to review, why was the review not considered before the judgement came out?” He also added that the people of Sikkim are in a limbo of uncertainty and emotional turbulence because of the CM’s decision.

Demanding resignation from CM Golay on moral grounds, the SDF spokesperson said the CM himself is a Sikkim Subject or Certificate of Identification holder. “They should have addressed the immigrant issue by now but they themselves are agitated.”

He concluded that the ruling government is apparently on the run, also claiming that the government has “surrendered Sikkimese Identity”.

On being questioned about his absence at two rallies held on January 30th and 31st and delay of complaints, Subba defended the SDF by saying, “As opposition, we always want to advice the ruling government but they don’t listen. We waited for the SKM party to come out and address on the controversy first.”

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