Sikkim: Ex-CM Pawan Chamling demands Sikkim to promote organic farming in G20
Ex-CM Pawan Chamling

Gangtok: Former Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling has urged the State and Central government to showcase the Organic Sikkim brand of the State in the G20 meeting scheduled for later this year. Chamling termed ‘Organic’ to be Sikkim’s identity on a global level on the occasion of the 7th Organic Sikkim Day celebration in Chuba-Perbing, Namchi District on Wednesday.

Chamling highlighted how Organic Sikkim was declared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in January 2016. He said, “It is a loss for Sikkim if at a global event like G20, the organic farming culture of the state has not been included in the two events in G20 here in Sikkim. Our suggestion to the government is an attempt at saving the organic brand of Sikkim, which all the farmers and consumers of Sikkim’s organic produce must ensure. We will try to save the organic Sikkim brand, through our Sikkim Bachau campaign under the Sikkim Democratic Front party.”

Chamling indicated how the organic tag has boosted Sikkim’s tourism as well. He said, “Farmers’ economy and the consumers’ health have improved, but organic Sikkim has aided in the development of the state and our image has improved in the tourism sector largely due to the organic tag. It grew after the organic state was declared in 2016, with Prime Minister Modi declaring Sikkim as organic. Our tourism has increased manifold because of it.”

He shared how people from outside of Sikkim recognise Sikkim as an organic State. He said, “Whoever supports or opposes organic farming, whether they believe it or not, when we go outside the state we are seen with Organic brand. Organic products are a gift to those outside of our State. It has given us global recognition. Other places do not get organic authentication but Sikkim products are taken as such. It has given Sikkim an identity”.

Urging farmers of Perbing to not indulge in inorganic practice, he encouraged farmers to continue with organic farming. “Sikkim should be a seed producing state. India has not decided to become an organic country, even if we are an organic state. But my dream is to make Sikkim farmers the richest people in the state due to organic farming.”

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