SKM demands resignation of Chamling over SDF official being named as 'accomplice' in Jantar Mantar protest, SDF demands CBI inquiry
SKM functionaries addressing press conference.

Gangtok: A day after Sikkim Police reported of involvement of Sikkim Democratic Front spokesperson JB Darnal’s involvement in supporting ‘Sumanta Kumar’, the Jantar Mantar protester against Article 371F, Sikkim Krantikari Morcha came all guns blazing against SDF and its leader Pawan Kumar Chamling, demanding his and Darnal’s resignation from SDF party.

Addressing the media in a press conference in Gangtok, SKM spokesperson Jacob Khaling demanded the removal of Pawan Kumar Chamling from party leadership along with JB Darnal.

He stated, “The involvement of Darnal in the Jantar Mantar protest against Article 371F implementation in Sikkim, showcases how the likes of Darnal and SDF leader Pawan Kumar Chamling can stoop to for politics. They have worked against the very sentiment of being Sikkimese by aiding a person who has spoken against our protected right under Article 371F. The involvement of Darnal is evident but even he must be working at the behest of his party leader Pawan Kumar Chamling. On the moral ground they must both resign from the party, and even if they don’t the SDF central executive committee must remove them, if they want to prove that they are working for Sikkimese people, their welfare and rights.”  

Later in the day, Darnal hit back saying the entire Jantar Mantar episode has been orchestrated by the SKM party and Kumar. 

He stated, “I have no connection in this case since I never tried contacting Kumar. All I did was condemn his acts on social media after which I did not pursue the matter further. Therefore, neither I nor my party President will resign from our posts, as demanded by Jacob Khaling. I have never dared to hurt the sentiments of the Sikkimese people in fact I was the first person to condemn the statements made by Kumar against Article 371F. Hence, I am ready to answer any queries regarding this issue.”   

Darnal challenged SKM to bring CBI and solve the case within a month’s time and prove their loyalty towards Sikkim and its people.

Khaling led a similar attack upon Sikkimay Suraksha Samiti President Madan Tamang who was also named by Sikkim Police as an accomplice of Jantar Mantar protester along with three other names.

Speaking about Madan Tamang, Khaling stated, “At one end Madan Tamang is leading a protest for days at District Administrative Center in Sichey demanding Inner Line Permit and protection of Article 371F, on the other end, he is calling Sumanta Kumar promising of aiding him in his protest against Article 371F and rights of Sikkimese people. The likes of Chamling and Madan Tamang are working against the people of Sikkim which is evident now. It is also evident, that they are only trying to defame the ruling SKM government. The guns were fired by likes of Chamling and Madan Tamang from the shoulders of Sumanta Kumar.”  

SDF functionary JB Danral addressing a press conference

Madan Tamang, moments after he was named by the Sikkim Police on Monday, addressed a few media houses, denying his involvement.

He was quoted, “The only reason my name is being floated in the Jantar Mantar protest is that I am seen as a person who is vocal and fighting for the rights of Sikkimese people. It is an attempt at sabotaging our protest demanding for Inner Line Permit. I have no part in aiding Sumanta Kumar, rather I had condemned his statement from Sikkimay Suraksha Samiti’s side when the incident happened.”   

Khaling, however, upon being questioned by the media about the statements of Tamang, urged him to file a defamation case against Sumanta Kumar for naming him. He outrightly denied the claims made by Tamang.

Khaling also questioned the involvement of old settler and activist Prem Goyal, Sikkim Bihari Jagran Manch General Secretary Birendra Prasad and Homeopathy practitioner VK Prasad, questioning them for the reason for their involvement.

He stated, “The likes of Prem Goyal are seen with a lot of respect among the business community in Sikkim, he has flourished in Sikkim with his business. But now to speak against the very Sikkimese people is utterly wrong. Similarly, Birendra Prasad may have supported Kumar as an individual, but he has now dragged the name of the Sikkim Bihar Jagran Manch organization whom he represents. The organization may not be involved but we are hopeful that such individuals do not hold a position of power within the Bihari resident organization any further. We are hopeful that Sikkim Bihari Jagran Manch issues a statement. What surprises us is the homoeopathy practitioner and pharmacist VK Prasad’s involvement. He may have many clients in Sikkim, but his practice has flourished in Sikkim, He or any of the others involved have never been hurt in their business dealings by the Sikkimese people. Rather than being appreciative of the support given by the Sikkimese people, they are backstabbing our people. Hence, we feel they should all be brought to justice and be arrested as the investigation strengthens.”

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