NBBG College agrees to students demand for dispensary, to be set up in next 2 months

Gangtok: Following the death of second semester B.Com. student on June 28 at Nar Bahadur Bhandari Government College in Tadong due to what is now believed to be ’emphysema’ or shortness of breath, the college has agreed to start a dispensary.

Sam Tshering Lepcha from Dentam, West Sikkim, was on his way to the class, passing along one of the corridors in the college premises. He complained of nausea and immediately fainted. He had friends with him at that time, who tried to provide medical assistance.

Agitated college students had said had there been a doctor or an ambulance in the college, the 20-year-old student could have been saved.

The official autopsy report is yet to be declared by Central Referral Hospital, where the B.Com student was rushed yesterday and declared brought dead.

On Wednesday, students of the Gangtok college assembled to protest and demanded a dispensary for the students inside the college and an apology from the college administration.

“The college administration took the decision very carelessly despite the emergency. Our friend had fainted and the administration was not ready as to whose vehicle to use to take him to the hospital. We approached many faculties but they were not willing to give the vehicle. Finally, after spending almost 20 minutes near the principal’s office, he decided to send a vehicle. It’s an exhibition of their carelessness; had there been an ambulance at the college, we feel he could have been saved.”

The agitated students have demanded a written apology from the college administration but no development has taken place on that front. However, the college administration has agreed to set up a dispensary and arrange an ambulance in the college.

On Wednesday, the college administration led a patient and public hearing of the students grievances on the campus. This was followed by a written assurance which stated, “As per the letter of demand from the students, the college administration, faculty and staff members of NBBGC, Tadong, hereby assure you that the demands placed by the students will be fulfilled within two months (as per the verbal time frame demanded by the students). Till the demand is fulfilled, temporary arrangements will be made and vehicles will be allocated for medical purposes.” The response was signed by the Principal of NBBGC, Tadong.

Speaking to local media, Principal Dr. D. Purohit stated, “The parents have demanded not to make an issue out of the student’s death. The student was suffering from Emphysema; there is very less time of survival. It is dangerous, hence he was dead then and there. Officially we are getting reports from the hospital but the doctors told us as well as the students and the family, that the student’s lungs were damaged.”

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