Kabaddi 4: How an actress slapping a monk irked the entire Himalayan Buddhist community?
Anmol Gurung (left) and Sushma Gurung

Gangtok: Over the ongoing controversy involving the Nepali film ‘Kabaddi 4’, the Sikkim government on Tuesday announced a ban on the scheduled release of the film in Sikkim on June 17.

Chief Minister Prem Singh Golay, taking to social media, said, “Considering the sentiment of the people of Sikkim and various associations and organizations, the state government has decided to impose a ban on the release of ‘Kabbadi 4’ in the state until the dispute is resolved in an acceptable manner.”


The decision to ban the film comes a day after producers Sushma Productions, led by Sushma Gurung and Anmol Gurung, issued a public apology to the Buddhist communities and monk associations in Sikkim.

Various Buddhist organizations and monk associations had publicly expressed resentment over the ill-treatment meted out to monk Phurba Lama by ‘Kabaddi’ actress Meruna Mangar at the movie premiere in Kathmandu last month.

Meruna Mangar had accused Phurba Lama of ‘touching her inappropriately’ during the premiere of the movie in Nepal. In reaction, she slapped the monk, made him hold his ears and perform a sit-up as a form of punishment.

The incident has led to widespread protests in Nepal against the movie’s release, while Buddhist communities in Sikkim have been calling for a ban on its release in the State.

So far, the actress has not publicly apologized to the monk, which has been a widespread demand of the public.

Reacting on the ban imposed by the Sikkim Government, Producer Sushma Gurung said, “We respect the decision taken by the state government as it entails with the sentiments of the Buddhist community at large. We equally respect the sentiments of the Buddhist communities and welcome the decision taken by the government. On the release of the movie, the ‘Kabaddi 4’ team will take a collective decision as to the way forward with regards to release of the film in the future.”

Meanwhile, accepting the Sikkim CM’s decision and wishing ‘Happy Saga Dawa’ to the Sikkim folk, another poster of the movie released on social media platforms hinted at an ‘amicable solution’ between Miruna Magar and Phurba Lama.

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