Sikkim Rape Jacob Khaling

GANGTOK: Jacob Khaling, political secretary to Sikkim Chief Minister Prem Singh Golay, rubbished the alleged rape case against him, saying he was not even in Gangtok on November 11, 2020 (the day of the alleged incident).

“I was in Daramdin, Soreng and Hee Gaon from November 10, returning to Gangtok only on November 13. On November 10, I was attending the funeral of former Chief Minister Sanchaman Limboo in Hee Gaon,” he said in a press conference.

Khaling was accused of attempt to rape by Sikkim Nagrik Samaj on August 21, showcasing an FIR copy undersigned by Doncee Lama, the alleged victim. But, the very next day, Lama, an SKM functionary changed the narrative claiming the FIR to be fake and of the incidents with Jacob Khaling to have never happened. Khaling also had released a press statement on August 21, terming the incident to be ‘politically motivated and incident as fake’.

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During his first public appearance, Khaling, on August 23, defended himself surrounded by the members of the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha’s women wing. He stated, “Passang Sherpa is 1000% wrong, all claims are false, they are self-generated lies. A well crafted FIR written by Bharat Basnet and through the experience of Tseten Tashi. I have filed an FIR against all three of them, along with Sonam Sherpa and a few others like Khusboo Verma and Avinash Yakha, who were plotting the rumour between me and Doncee Lama days before Sikkim Nagrik Samaj made the fake FIR public”.

Khaling termed the entire situation an attempt to tarnish his image, Doncee Lama’s image and that of the SKM government, claiming Pasang Sherpa to be only after finding negative in their government. “They have known to do a lot of negative politics against our party and government. Even recently they opposed the One Nation One Ration, claiming it will dilute Article 371F through multiple press conferences, I answered them all with one press conference after which people have understood how their claims were all wrong. They cannot counter me, hence they have acted on defaming me in an attempt at putting me in fiddle and to dent the SKM government. It is an exhibition of their negative mentality”.

The spokesperson for SKM slammed the trio of SNS for attempting to outrage the modesty and prestige of a woman by using her for political mileage. “They must return Doncee Lama’s prestige, they have used a woman for their political gain. They didn’t even take her consent before flashing her name to the public through that fake FIR. They have attacked her image too, claiming she has taken money or a vehicle from me. Doncee Lama is a very loyal member of our party, she has been in politics with us before the SKM party was even formed. Had she been here for money, she could have deserted the party like many of our legislators did when we lost in 2014. Many of our friends left us, but Doncee Lama stayed loyal to the party. I appeal for her justice and if the three from Nagrik Samaj can return her prestige and image?”.

Khaling went on to claim that before Sikkim Nagrik Samaj’s claim, he had no idea of the fake FIR. However, the rumour concerning Khaling-Lama was making rounds in Sikkim, even on social media. He has filed a general diary on grounds of defamation and for the arrest of Sikkim Nagrik Samaj members. Khaling stretched his jibe against all three SNS executives.

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