Sikkim's Temi Tea is Stephen Colbert's drink on The Late Show

The much-loved Temi Tea brand just got a global mention by America’s popular late night host Stephen Colbert, who took the summer collection of the famous tea leaves from South Sikkim as his staple drink on The Late Show.

Starting the show late night on Tuesday, Colbert went straight to introductions.

“Hey everybody, welcome to #Tea4Tuesday,” he says before pulling out a piece of paper he reads from: “Today’s tea is Temi summer Muscatel black from Sikkim, India. This refreshing black tea is from one of the valued tea regions in India. Soft floral notes greet the palate and gradually subside to a delectable bite of tart fruity flavour. Soft but forward, they are not hiding their floral notes.”

Watch video here:

“Oh hell yeah! Subtle musky undercurrents… ummm … With mellow undertones of vanilla and scented wood. Little canny too. It’s quite delicious. Oh its not the location, its the flower. Its the August Gladiolus. And friends, in case you’re wondering what day it was, it’s Tuesday, we just had tea,” The Late Show Host goes on.

Tea farming in Temi was established in 1969 by the then King of Sikkim Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal in South Sikkim.

The tea estate drew inspiration from the famous Darjeeling tea variant in neighbouring West Bengal. The King wanted something similar in his own country, marking the beginning of tea plantation in Sikkim.

Promotes organic farming to its best, Temi Tea is one of most recognisable brands of tea from Sikkim. The estate and the brand has undergone an overhaul over the past few years in light of increased production, better supply and a global brand reach.

Now, if there is one true Sikkimese gift that locals and tourists can’t do without, it is the Temi tea, which comes in variants of plain, green tea, tea leaves and four season packaging products as well as the famous first flush products.

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