Gangtok: COVID-19 cases have been increasing in the state and on Wednesday, the state recorded the biggest spike of the year where 151 cases were recorded in the state.

In April, the state accounted for 1342 COVID-19 cases. Cumulatively the state tally has now reached 7,577 cases. There are 1106 active cases in the state currently.

The state also recorded its 143rd COVID fatality when a 65-year-old male died. The patient was admitted on April 27 and died at 1:33 am on the very same day. The patient had comorbidities of chronic liver disease with portal hypertension. The patient also had a gall bladder stone and Acute Kidney Infection.

East Sikkim recorded the most number of cases, with 114 new cases. In April, the district recorded 1028 cases of the 1342 cases recorded in the state. The district tally in East Sikkim has now reached 5745 cases so far.

The other districts have collectively accounted for 314 cases in April. South Sikkim has recorded most of the cases apart from East Sikkim, with 149 recorded. On April 28, South Sikkim recorded 23 new cases, taking the district tally to 1141 cases so far. 

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West Sikkim recorded nine new cases on Wednesday, taking the district tally to 423 cases. In April, the district had accounted for 69 new COVID cases.

North Sikkim recorded five new cases today, taking the district tally to 94 so far. In April, the district accounted for 40 new cases.

There were 515 tests conducted with 352 RT-PCR tests resulting in 113 COVID 19 cases, seven Truenat and CBNAT tests were done which accounted for two positive cases. 156 RAT tests were also conducted, which resulted in 36 positive cases. 

There are 79 COVID positive patients admitted in the COVID section of the hospital, with nine admitted in the ICU. There were 12 new admissions in the hospital. 

Central Referral Hospital, which initiated a COVID ward in the hospital from April 26, has 13 patients admitted with three new admissions on Wednesday. Mangan is the only District hospital to have COVID patients admitted with five being treated currently.

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