Gangtok: Sikkim recorded one COVID-19 casualty when a 55-year-old lady from Phadamchen in East Sikkim died on April 22 morning at 8:20 am. She had hypertension and diabetes. She was brought to STNM Hospital on April 18 with her son, who was discharged today.

She had no serious medical concerns even till Wednesday night. The death occurred suddenly, claimed STNM Medical Superintendent KB Gurung. The funeral proceedings were carried out at Jalipool, as per protocol. The family was advised to maintain a safe distance.  

Elsewhere, 124 new COVID-19 cases were recorded in the State on April 22, taking the tally to 735 new cases in 19 days. East Sikkim recorded the highest with 107 new cases. East Sikkim alone has recorded 534 cases in April.

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Yesterday, 129 tourists, including 4 foreign nationals entered the State from the Rangpo border with 5 having undergone RAT testing at the gateway to the District and State Capital. No flights landed at Pakyong airport on Thursday due to inclement weather condition.

North Sikkim recorded 14 new cases taking the tally to 85 in the district, with 30 cases being recorded since April 7. South Sikkim recorded three new cases, taking the district tally to 1082, with 90 cases being recorded since April 5. Melli check post recorded six RAT tests on Thursday. West Sikkim recorded no new cases on Thursday. 

73 RAT tests were reported on April 22, with 12 of them testing COVID-19 positive. 532 RT-PCR tests were conducted 110 tested positives. There are 640 active cases in the State with 504 in-home isolation currently.

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