Gangtok: A 25-year-old student of Sikkim University died of electrocution inside the Talung Girls’ Hostel premises at 5th Mile, Tadong in East Sikkim. She was electrocuted on April 12, in the terrace of the hostel which had high-tension wires reportedly passing right above the building.

According to reports, she had third-degree burns and was initially treated at STNM Hospital. She was later shifted to a hospital in Siliguri, where she hailed from. She breathed her last on Tuesday.

Incidentally, the cascading effect of the electrocution was felt by many houses in the locality when they lost power supply.

Sikkim University has been allegedly functioning on rented rooms across Gangtok and similar is the case with its hostel. “The hostel has a restricted area, which is the terrace from where the high-tension wire passes in close proximity. The notice boards in the hostel have clearly mentioned that the terrace is out of bounds for students,” said a faculty member requesting anonymity.

A notice board in the hostel which clearly mentions that the terrace is out of bounds for students

“However, three students went to the terrace on the fateful day. It is presumed that they were there to take a selfie. They climbed over the barricaded wall to reach the restricted area, where one girl was electrocuted,” the faculty member added.

Sikkim University is yet to release an official statement on the incident.

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Meanwhile, Sikkim University Students’ Association (SUSA) has extended its solidarity on losing one of their friends. “We cannot exactly say how the incident happened but what intrigues us is the fact that the hostel has a high tension-wire passing right above the building. How can such a risky building be considered as a hostel? There were six to seven students in the hostel at that moment.”

The restriction is understood, but how long will Sikkim University have to welcome such tragedies when there is nothing to ensure a campus for the university anytime soon, asked SUSA president Mahesh Rai.

“As long as the university continues to function from temporary structures, such tragedies may befall our students in the future. This incident is an eye-opener for everyone,” Rai added.

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