Gangtok: A fiery statement by Chief Minister Prem Singh Golay on April 14 where he questioned the punctuality of sarkari babus urging them to reach office before 10:30 am and stay till 4:30 pm was lauded and welcomed by Sikkimese public and netizens alike.

What followed, however, left citizens divided.

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In his fiery statement, CM Golay urged the media to ‘not just run after politicians but ensure that officers reach on time’, taking the name of Ajay Agarwal in his speech to ensure the same was carried out. The appeal by CM was taken literally by journalist and social worker Ajay Agarwal, who ran from office to office in Gangtok on April 15, questioning government officials and employees, i.e. sarkari babus, for being late.

Agarwal has been in the media field for many years and was awarded the prestigious Ram Patro Memorial Award for excellence in journalism by leading English daily Sikkim Express in 2018. He runs a social media news page The Sikkim Today and a bunch of other pages, including contributions to the very popular The Voice of Sikkim as well as the ruling front’s Hamro Varta Television, where he works as a reporter.

While the officers and government employees were running to the office before 10:30 am, many claimed Ajay Agarwal was already there before they reached. Then came out the barrage of questions and Facebook Live videos, where he questioned officers in the Agriculture Department to various others departments, reasons for being late or early, as the situation demanded and how the government can ensure that officers can reach on time.

As this video shows, citizens had varying opinions on Agarwal’s actions! Watch the video below for our visual story on Ajay Agarwal, who has Sikkim’s bureaucrats rushing to work:

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