Gangtok: Sikkim chief minister Prem Singh Golay has come down heavily on the state’s bureaucracy for alleged ‘dereliction of duty’.

A visibly irked Golay, while citing the low turnout of officers at the Ambedkar Jayanti celebration in Gangtok on Wednesday, said, “Many employees do not abide by the slated duty timing of 10 am to 4 pm. Our employees don’t reach office even till noon. They have nothing to lose as they get their monthly salary. It goes straight to their account with or without their work. Most hampered by their incompetence are the common people.”

On the absence of government employees at the function, he said, “Many others do not consider their duty to come to national festivals like this. It’s a holiday for them. We feel that they do not understand or don’t want to understand our commitment as a public servant.”

The statement came close on the heels of the West Sikkim district administration issuing a circular on April 13 asking all government employees to timely report on duty or face disciplinary action.

A circular issued by Sikkim’s agriculture department over poor attendance of employees

Golay claimed that the government has always favoured government employees, claiming, “We have broken laws to ensure the best for the employees. When it is time for their promotion, they come in queue. Any employee who doesn’t respect a national festival or a government function is wrong. Today is a national festival; but here on Ambedkar Jayanti, how many of our government employees are present?”

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Golay urged the employees to opt for voluntary retirement, if they feel government service is not important. “It is high time; now no one will be spared. If vigilance is necessary or inquiry needed, there will only be time-bound promotion. There will be no officiating promotion. Even the chief secretary must run in that manner. The Cabinet will back you on this,” he said.

The CM has now given the onus on the heads of every department to take action against such employees who are missing from their duty. He urged them not to favour or victimise anyone, but take action against late or absent employees accordingly with no discrimination. “A 15-minute delay is understood but beyond that action will be taken. No one will be favoured by the secretary,” he added.

Golay further warned the employees that he will show who the real PS Golay is, claiming he has both pen and other means to punish such employees. “I have come here to work for the public and expect the same. The Constitution has given us our duty, the same must be respected. That service must be provided. The media must play an active role in policing employees who are late,” he added.