Gangtok: Sikkim Chief Minister Prem Singh Golay, at 54 years of age, got vaccinated for COVID-19 on Sunday, along with his wife. They were joined by Rural Development Minister Sonam Lama and other officials, all of whom took part in the Tika Utsav. The chief minister was making his first public appearance since his visit to Gujarat and New Delhi over the past week.

“I feel safe after getting vaccinated, as now there is a second wave of COVID 19 spreading, currently vaccination is the only way to be safe from the second wave of the virus. India has been delivering free vaccination for every State of the country, hence everyone must get vaccinated. Do not follow rumours and get vaccinated”, said Golay.

Before questions could be raised whether the Chief Minister and officials got themselves tested, the chief minister stated, “We had visited Gujarat to take part in the Dandi March Yatra, all those that had gone are currently in home isolation. Only after getting tested, I have made my public appearance. I was also in home isolation.”

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But the chief minister steered clear from commenting on the four legislators testing COVID positive following their visit to Gujarat. According to the State Health Bulletin and Health officials, the four legislators are Roads and Bridges Minister Samdup Lepcha, Em Prasad Sharma from Namcheybong constituency, Barfung constituency MLA Tashi Thendup Bhutia and Rinchenpong MLA KS Lepcha.

The chief minister also highlighted the various safety protocols against the spread of the virus, urging people to follow the same and not to get out of their homes unnecessarily.

The chief minister asserted that Sikkim is well prepared to handle the COVID-19 situation, infrastructure and machinery wise, and several such additions and developments have happened in the past year through the direction of the Union Health Ministry.

“We have testing lab now, which did not exist around the same time last year. All measures needed to counter COVID-19 are there in place. We are complete in fighting COVID, but that doesn’t mean we must be careless,” he said.

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