"I therefore request you to display magnanimity, and cancel the expulsion orders and reinstate the students forthwith", wrote Justice Katju/ PC: Facebook Image

Former Supreme Court Judge Justice Markandey Katju has written to the Principal of Geyzing College seeking reinstatement of the four expelled students. Justice Katju forwarded the email to the four students with the letter reads as such.

‘Respected Principal of Gyalshing ( Geyzing ) Government Degree College, Sikkim.
I have been informed that 4 students of your college have been expelled for participating in the agitation demanding better facilities and infrastructure in the college, and supporting the ongoing farmers agitation. The students are also demanding that apart from the arts stream, which is presently the only stream in your college, other streams be also opened’, wrote Katju on his social media handle.

Katju added, “I respectfully request you to reinstate these expelled students.
Surely making such demands, if done in a peaceful manner, is the democratic right of everyone, including students. Our Constitution grants freedom of speech and the right to assemble peacefully and without arms to everyone vide Article 19.
However, even if such students have done anything further, surely you can forgive them, just as a father forgives his children who makes some mistakes.”

Justice Katju also drew comparison to one of the articles he wrote a while ago and also a judgement that he passed as a judge in the Supreme Court of India.

“I therefore request you to display magnanimity, and cancel the expulsion orders and reinstate the students forthwith”, wrote Justice Katju on February 26.

Member Shanker Sharma from Sikkim Progressive Youth Forum said, “We welcome the stand of Justice Katju. He has sent the letter to the principal of Geyzing College as well demanding immediate reinstatement of the students. We hope the statement of the former Judge will open the eyes of our administrators.”

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  1. Mr Katju is a blot to Indian judiciary , he is absolutely shame. He has defamed Indian judiciary abroad by saying they can’t independent. This greedy man has no qualms of accepting money from thief. We should not give him any space to speak and listen to his words filled with malice. The judge in UK high court also did not have any high opinion about this greedy man, who was defending nirav as personal interest.

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