The casualty on Sunday is a 78-year-old male from Upper Burtuk in Gangtok capital region Credit: Representational image

Sikkim recorded the 60th COVID-19 death on Sunday. A 78-year-old male from Upper Burtuk in the Gangtok capital region expired at 3:30 pm on Saturday at STNM Hospital. He had severe pneumonitis, along with ADRS, diabetes, and hypertension.

The casualties in Sikkim are majorly due to co-morbidities with 55 deaths being recorded of the 60 so far. Only five deaths have been directly related to COVID-19.

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State Health Department, in its daily health bulletin, asserted, “It’s not a concern of people only dying of COVID-19 and the ensuing co-morbidities. There have been 3184 recoveries of the 3597 COVID-19 positive cases so far. Also, on the concerns of geriatric patients being most of the COVID-19 casualties, we assure the recoveries are also sound in the State among the elderly patients. Just today, among the 32 discharged patients, one patient was an 85-year-old patient who had been positive for over one and a half months. He had a heart condition along with other co-morbidities. He was rushed to the ICU multiple times, but he has finally made a recovery today and was discharged.”

Elsewhere, among the fresh COVID cases in the State, 30 new were recorded all of which were from East Sikkim. The tally in the district has now reached 2635 positive cases making up for most of the cases in the State’s tally of 3597 cases. Other districts on North, West, and South have a cumulative tally of 881 positive cases so far with North District recording a meager 13 cases so far.

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