Sikkim records 122 cases with 56 being recorded on Monday and 66 being recorded on Tuesday Credit: Representational image

Gangtok: In last two days, Sikkim records 122 COVID-19 positive cases with 56 being recorded on Monday and 66 being recorded on Tuesday.

Of the 122 cases, 90 were recorded in East District, with 54 on Tuesday and 36 on Monday.

Seeing COVID cases, State Capital Gangtok in East Sikkim was put under lockdown from Monday, but despite the efforts, the number of cases in Gangtok has been rising. Altogether 46 cases were recorded in Gangtok and it’s periphery inside the Municipal trajectory on Tuesday. Twenty four cases were recorded on Monday.

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Meanwhile, the periphery of the Gangtok Municipality and the imposed lockdown areas have been extended to Jalipool on Pakyong road.

Cumulatively, the populous East District has recorded 1,807 cases of the State total of 2513.

The three other districts combined have recorded only 706 cases, with a measly six COVID cases from North Sikkim, area wise the biggest district in the State. Of the 700 cases from West and South District, each has a district tally of 123 and 577 respectively. West and South Sikkim both recorded six cases each on Tuesday. On Monday, West Sikkim recorded two cases while South recorded 18 cases.

There were no records of fatality recorded with the State tally on casualty currently at 29 with 25 due to co-morbidities and four without co-morbidities. Altogether 1929 people have been discharged from the hospital.

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