STNM Hospital, where Sikkim’s 1st COVID-19 patient was treated Credit: Pema Wang Chen Lama

Gangtok: The first COVID-19 patient of Sikkim, identified as 25-year-old Delhi returnee and lovingly referred to as ‘Krishu’ by the health care workers, was discharged from STNM Hospital in Gangtok on Saturday. He had been staying in isolation since May 22, for 22 days under the care of STNM Hospital.

“My treatment went very well. If I was anywhere perhaps I would not have got such a treatment. They made me feel at home, the doctors and nurses treated me as their son/ brother. They had put in a lot of effort, and they had dedicated themselves to my treatment. They didn’t treat me as their patient but as one of their own,” he asserted.

The patient had shown exemplary hygiene and regiment in the isolation, practising yoga, which was well appreciated by health workers. “To be honest, I was not a yoga practitioner ever, but after coming to the hospital I learned how yoga and exercise are important for our health and even for our immunity. It serves us well.”

Whether he was skeptical or confident of walking out when he initially tested positive, Krishu said, “Firstly, I was brought here with fever, I presumed it was the different in the condition that caused fever. I was hopeful that I would not turn positive but when I did, I was shocked. But upon the assurances from my family, friends and health workers, my confidence grew and I was determined that I can fight this disease.”

Krishu claimed that his family took away his fears by motivating and assuring him that their care and concern is with him. “It assured me that there is nothing that can happen with me, there was no fear and I felt that I would be cured,” he said. After discharge, he will be strictly maintaining home quarantine protocols.

Admitting to the rising number of cases in the state, Krishu said that keeping a positive mindset is the way forward. “There are a lot of wrongs and negativity which are and which will make rounds, but avoiding those negativity we must stay positive. It concerns our health, our immunity, what needs to be done, hygiene to be maintained. Stay strong even if you have tested positive, it is necessary to be cured,” he added.

On staying away from home for 22 days, Krishu considered the same not to be a ‘big deal’ as he had been staying away from his home for his UPSC preparations in Delhi.

“I was sure that the virus would go away eventually, it was just a matter of following precautions and with such routine, we all can fight the pandemic,” he added.

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