Official documents of Government of India still describe Sikkim as a foreign country Credit: File Image

Gangtok: Reacting to the recent EastMojo report where it exposed that not just Delhi, even the websites of various departments of the government of India show Sikkim as a country, the ruling party in the state, Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM), has demanded the Centre to make immediate amendment of all government documents which interpret Sikkim as an independent country.

Terming the recent Delhi government official advertisement, which has already been withdrawn following massive condemnation from different corners, where it showed Sikkim as a sovereign country like Bhutan and Nepal, as derogatory, the SKM has also expressed serious concern over the fact that websites of various departments of the Central government, including the Ministry of Home Affairs, consider Sikkim as a separate country.

EastMojo, in its exclusive report on Sunday, ‘Not just Delhi, even central govt sites show Sikkim as a country’ ( exposed how the websites of Central government organisations and other state governments describe Sikkim as a separate country.

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Addressing media persons, SKM spokesperson Jacob Khaling highlighted on the incident and demanded a thorough inquiry into the glaring mistake.

“Delhi government overlooked the mistake where it declared us as not being part of the Indian Union. We condemn such negligence and our chief minister Prem Singh Golay’s swift action resulted in the punishment of the culprit. But, a proper investigation is needed as it has come to light that many Acts prior to 1968 mention Sikkim as an independent country. It affects the unity of the nation making our people feel more insecure with various concerns of mistreatments come to light,” stated Khaling blaming the previous Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) government of overlooking such needed amendments in their 25 years of governance.

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On the increasing racial attacks on Sikkimese and other North easterners in the mainstream India, including in West Bengal and Bihar, etc, Khaling also said that the present state government in Sikkim is working hard with active support from other states to put a brake on such anti-social activities.

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