Karan Baraily (left) and Divya Rai
Karan Baraily (left) and Divya Rai|EastMojo image

Sikkim: Village community boycotts couple for inter-caste marriage

Karan Baraily, an engineer belonging to a scheduled caste community, and Divya Rai had recently got married despite stiff opposition from both the families

Prakash Adhikari

Prakash Adhikari

Sikkim: A newly married couple in East Sikkim were allegedly socially boycotted by their own community in the Dalapchand village of East Sikkim allegedly over their inter-caste marraige.

The couple, Karan Baraily -- who belongs to a Scheduled Caste community -- and Divya Rai got married recently despite opposition from both the families. Baraily is currently working as an engineer with the state government.

Although there is some hope of reconciliation, with mediation by the Sikkim Scheduled Caste Welfare Association, the couple is still unsure if the community will accept them or not.

No FIR has been lodged till time of filing this report.

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