(Left to right) HSP president Dr Bina Basnett and spokespersons Biraj Adhikari and Sonam Sherpa Credit: EastMojo image

Gangtok: Hamro Sikkim Party (HSP) has slammed the statement made by Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) state president DB Chauhan on Sunday stating that HSP made the first move regarding the discussion of alliance between HSP and BJP.

HSP president Dr Bina Basnett highlighted that being a new party, HSP was open for discussions, therefore the discussion for alliance between HSP and BJP was transparent.

“BJP was the one to approach us for alliance both before and after elections but it was unsuccessful as they failed to give written assurance to our demands which were purely Sikkim centric. We did not compromise with our principles,” she informed.

Dr Basnett alleged that BJP state president Chauhan for supporting un-democratic activities by taking in 10 Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) and two Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) MLAs. The young generation in future will evaluate who actually betrayed Sikkim, she said.

“HSP has and will always stand for the safeguard of Sikkim and its rights. If BJP wins the by-election then it’s not the loss of HSP but the loss of Sikkim and Sikkimese. Therefore vote for genuine candidate and stop the ongoing unethical political activities in the state”, appealed Dr Basnett.

Biraj Adhikari HSP spokesperson criticised for bringing in the alliance issue repeatedly and accusing them of being separatist. “It seems like BJP have no other issues to talk about so they keep saying that HSP wanted to join BJP. They are not letting this issue die and simply spreading the fake news”, he said.

Adhikari also made it clear showing a video clip where Chauhan is seen giving a statement about BJP’s first move for alliance. He also highlighted about their five point demands which BJP failed to give assurance at.

He further asked Chauhan to recall the contributions of Bhaichung Bhutia before calling him a separatist. “We will talk for Sikkim. We are not separatist and anti-national. Bhaichung is nation’s hero and has made the country proud on several occasions. Had he been anti national then he would not have been accolade with national awards. They should watch their words. If they do not understand 371F then they should keep quiet and not pull us into this which might go very wrong for them”, he stressed.

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Sonam Sherpa spokesperson HSP quoted Ram Madhav’s statement made in October 2018 mentioning about forming the government without contesting the election.

“Madhav’s statement is now our reality. Steps for scraping 371F are under process. They are trying to pressurise Sikkimese for coalition to which we should protest”, he said.

He further questioned Chauhan regarding his stand on Citizenship Bill and NRC.

Earlier on Sunday, Chauhan while commenting on HSP’s party slogan “Sikkim not for sale” alleged HSP as separatist for having such anti-national thoughts.

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