In the heart-wrenching video, Jigme Wanchuk Sherpa talks about the death of his dog, Maxi

Ravangla: A resident of Ravangla in South Sikkim district of the Himalayan state has blamed the sub-divisional veterinary hospital of the area for the death of his pet dog.

In a heart-wrenching video that has now gone viral, Jigme Wanchuk Sherpa talks about how his dog, named Maxi, died due to the lackadaisical attitude of a veterinary doctor working in the hospital.

In the video, Sherpa raises several questions on animal husbandry doctors for not doing their duty dilligently and remaining absent at the veterinary hospital.

According to Sherpa, he brought his dog, a Doberman, for treatment in the hospital on Thursday but there were no doctors present there.

When he asked for the doctor, he refused to come and instead, prescribed some medicines over the phone, without a checkup.

He recorded a video showing all the rooms in the veterinary hospital empty and no doctors on duty till 11 am. Only three persons were present in the entire hospital, according to the viral video.

He also states that despite the state government declaring Saturday and Sunday as holidays and after receiving such facilities, doctors still don’t arrive on time at the hospital.

On Thursday, Sherpa brought his dog for checkup but no doctors were present till 1 pm. Further, he alleged that after administrating the injections prescribed by the doctor over the phone, his dog died the next day.

When he took his dog for the post-mortem, the reports declared it had been overdosed. He shows the prescription in the video to prove his point.

Sherpa appealed everyone to support him and help him get justice. Also, he urged everyone to take action against the doctor.

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