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Guwahati: A 10-year-old boy from a remote village of Sikkim in Northeast India is becoming an Internet sensation with his pronunciation videos, attracting as many as 3,70,000 views and counting, from across the country. Sakching Lepcha, who studies in Class V at Springdale School, Dikchu in East Sikkim, has made two educational videos as part of his ‘pronunciation’ classes, and they are a delight to watch.

Lepcha’s videos, much to one’s surprise, are quite simple. They debunk the basic words which we mispronounce every day, and tell us the correct way of diction along with the reason. For example: Pizza is pronounced as ‘pit-zah’ not ‘pizzah’. Don’t know how to pronounce ‘faux-pas’? Watch his video.

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The young boy is interested in writing and loves the pronunciation classes at school. He’s also a topper in class, his mother Dowadoma Lepcha, who is also a teacher at the same school, told EastMojo.

The videos are posted on the school’s official Facebook page. While the first one got 13,000 views, the latest one — posted on June 30 — got 3,72,000 views, over 6,000 reactions, 5,000-plus shares and over 310 comments.

Hailing from Dikchu village in East Sikkim district, the young scholar wants to join the Navy when he grows up. He wants to fight the enemies of our country and ride a submarine, his mother told EastMojo.

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