Sikkim Krantikari Morcha chief PS Golay Credit: File image

Gangtok: Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) president PS Golay on Wednesday upheld that he chose not to contest the assembly election as he was fully engaged in campaigning for the party across the state.

Responding to a media query during the release of the party manifesto in Gangtok, Golay said, “I am the party president and so I have to visit every area for campaigning. This keeps me engaged totally. I did not contest the election this time as I have to take the party forward. I want the party to form the government and hence, stayed out of elections.”

On him being declared as the chief ministerial candidate for SKM, Golay said, the decision was taken by the party and he “respects” the decision. He further said that a person can be a chief minister without contesting the election for a period of six months as the leader of the majority party.

“Those saying Golay cannot become chief minister, let them keep saying it. We will give the answer when the SKM forms the government after results of April 11 voting comes,” Golay said. He has fielded his eldest son Aditya Golay from his home constituency in Chakung-Soreng.

Chief minister and SDF president Pawan Kumar Chamling had accused Golay of starting ‘Parivarbad’ in SKM and Sikkim politics.

However, Golay maintained that he has “not done Parivarbad”.

“I have fielded my son to know about politics, it is not like that I have formed the government and gave all the business opportunities to my family members, that is Parivarbad… How I am Parivarbadi? If I had also contested along with my son then it would have been Parivarbad… I wanted my son to learn about political etiquettes of Sikkim. I do not tell him to open a gambling den or a casino in future,” countered Golay

Nonetheless, Golay appealed the masses to give SKM one chance to run the government. “Give SKM a term of only five years. We will give account of all the funds that have come to Sikkim and how much was utilised for the people in 25 years by the SDF government. We will share all the details before the public of Sikkim, just give us five years,” said the SKM president.

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