Sikkim CM Pawan Chamling inaugurated the Nishani Kali Temple at Pendam Garhi in East Sikkim on January 6

Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling laid the foundation stone of Nishani Kali temple at Pendam Garhi in East Sikkim on January 6 with an estimated project cost of Rs. 63.84 crore.

The 54-foot copper statue along with temple will be constructed at Gadi, above Central Pendam, at an elevation of 1,898 metre which covers approximately five acres of land.

The project had received the state government’s nod after state tourism minister Ugen T Gyatso Bhutia along with West Pendam MLA Gopal Barailly surveyed the area earlier in April 2017.

There are many historic and mythological narratives to this temple.

Some locals believe that the temple to be from the “Satya Yuga” of Hindu cosmology attaching the temple to the legend of Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali.

In another narrative, it is said that the temple was built by the Gorkha army on the fort occupied by members of the Sikkimese royal family.

The state of the art temple complex will house an exhibition hall, a prayer hall, waiting lounge, storage facilities among other things.

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