Sikkim CM Pawan Kumar Chamling

Namchi: In election season, Sikkim CM Pawan Kumar Chamling is leaving no stone unturned to woo the various communities of the state. After Teej, the CM has now declared Mangsir Purnima, a festival celebrated by the Bhujel community, as a state holiday.

This was announced by Chamling at the two-day Tarey Bhir Kite Festival in South Sikkim that ended on Wednesday.

The Nepalese community in Sikkim is divided on several ethnic and linguistic lines, in which Bhujels form an integral part.

Recently, Teej, a popular festival celebrated by the Nepali Hindus, particularly Bahuns, Chettris and Newars, was also declared a state holiday in Sikkim.

Sikkim has a number of state holidays dedicated to each community of the state. Some of the recent additions to the list include Indra Jatra festival of the Newar community and Barahimizong observed by the Mangars.

With Mangsir Purnima, almost all communities from the three major ethicities of Sikkim — Nepalese, Lepcha and Bhutia — now have at least a day of their own marked in the calendar as a state holiday.

“As an exemplenery secular state, equal respect and recognition have been given to all religions and communities in Sikkim,” Chamling had said at a recent “Tamu Lochar” function marking the new year of Gurung community.

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