PS Golay, the leader and founder of the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM). The SKM is the largest opposition party in Sikkim

“PS Golay is here, PS Golay is here, Sikkim citizens don’t be afraid, we are here for you,” supporters of Sikkim’s largest and strongest opposition party, Sikkim Krantikari Morch (SKM) chanted as they welcomed their leader who was released just after 10am from State Central Prison, Rongyek, after spending a year for corruption.

Large number of party supporters wearing T-shirts bearing the name of the party and others holding their Saffron, Red and Green Party flag were seen outside the prison and in many places where Golay met and greeted his supporters.

Many including the leader himself said that they are confident come 2019 elections, they would emerge victorious.

Golay said in the last one year even though he had no chance of interacting with his people and working towards building his party, he has learnt a lot as a leader on what needs to be corrected from 2014.

Golay thanked his supporters and people of Sikkim for the life and support. “They sent one PS Golay inside the prison but thousands have been born outside,” Golay told media and his supporters outside the Rongyek prison.

Golay reiterated that he is not deterred by the ruling party and his party will now work on the strategy to draw in more supporters for 2019 elections.

Golay was led by a convoy of more than a thousand vehicles and bikes. He addressed the public and supporters in Singtam.

In more than two decades, Golay is said to be the most popular opposition party leader.

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