Researchers have discovered a 72 to 66 million-year-old dinosaur embryo inside a fossilised egg which has been named ‘Baby Yingliang’.

The embryo was found inside a 17 cm long egg in southern China’s Ganzhou. The creature is estimated to be 27cm long from head to tail.

It belongs to a toothless dinosaur called the Oviratorosaur that lived about 145 to 66 million years ago in the Cretacious period in Asia and North America.

What researchers found most interesting about this discovery is that the head of the embryo lies below the body with feet on either side and back curled along the blunt end of the egg, similar to modern-day bird embryos.

Here are a series of tweets by the team of researchers who made the discovery about this baby dinosaur egg and Lida Xing who led the project.

The specimen is now in China’s Yingliang Stone History Museum.

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