It’s raining Black Friday Deals and NASA has a surprise for Astro enthusiasts this time of the year too! The American space agency has shared a collection of images, videos, and facts about black holes in a thread on Twitter to mark #BlackHoleFriday.

“It’s the day you’ve been waiting for all year: #BlackHoleFriday! Today we’re sharing awesome images and facts about these extreme objects,” wrote NASA on its official Twitter handle sharing a link that talks about what these phenomena are and why we study them.

“We may have eaten a lot on Thanksgiving, but we’ve got nothing on black holes. These cosmic oddities sometimes feast on stellar-sized snacks. (But don’t worry! Our Sun is safe from being gobbled up.)” wrote NASA Universe on Twitter post-thanksgiving, explaining how black holes gobble up entire stellar bodies.

“When black holes collide, they could cause nearby material to radiate with light. A 2020 study made the first-ever observation of a flare that may have been produced when two smaller black holes merged to form a new, larger black hole,” said NASA in another tweet explaining what happens when blackholes collide.

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