The International Space Station (ISS) orbits the Earth once every 90 minutes, which leads to astronauts experiencing a Sunrise and Sunset every 45 minutes, said an expert from NASA.

During the recent spacewalk, which concluded a few hours ago, a Twitter user asked if Astronauts notice any temperature differences in their space suits.

NASA explained that there is a temperature variant between – 250 degrees during a sunset and + 250 degrees Farenheit during a sunrise, leading to a lot of temperature difference. However, their spacesuits are equipped with cooling garments and layers of protection to help keep the astronaut cool and comfortable during those temperature variances.

12th Spacewalk of the year

Astronauts Akihiko Hoshide and Thomas Pequet of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and European Space Agency (ESA) respectively, concluded the first spacewalk conducted by a partnership between the two international organizations.

This was Hoshide’s 4th spacewalk and Pesquet’s 6th. Although first between them, this was the 12th space walk witnessed this year.

Astronauts Hoshide and Pequet prepare for their spacewalk

They had ventured out of the station to assemble and attach a support bracket in preparation for future installation of the station’s third new solar array.

NASA is upgrading six out of its eight existing power channels to ensure sufficient power supply with new solar arrays for exploration technology demonstrations for Artemis and beyond.

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The crew also replaced a device that measures the electrical charging potential of the arrays and associated surfaces in its vicinity, called a floating point measurement unit, on a separate truss section. The new device was powered on successfully, reported the space agency.

NASA kept astro-enthusiasts informed throughout the mission with its live broadcast on Twitter and also answered questions that people may have in a series of tweets.

Ahead of the spacewalk, the Agency had invited people to watch the two astronauts venture out into space and cheer them while they work.

Ahead of their 6 hour 54 minute spacewalk, the space agency shared a video of the depressurization inside the International Space Station, monitored by Megan McArthur and Mark T Vande Hei.

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The International Space Station also shared a video of a VR camera that was used to capture the spacewalk. The camera was specially designed to withstand the harsh environment of space.

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