Are we alone, or do aliens exit? Are there others like us in the universe? These are questions we’ve been asking ourselves for centuries and scientists have been researching on this for decades now.

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To quote Carl Sagan, “The universe is a pretty big place, if it’s just us, it seems like an awful waste of space,” so we will keep looking, Astrobiology expert Dr. Lindsay Hays said in a video posted by NASA.

Humans have been trying to understand and explore life within and outside our Solar System for a very long time but have not yet discovered life on any other planet, other than Earth.

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There is no scientifically supported evidence for extra terrestrial life or ‘aliens’, but if we think about life on this planet, beyond the big things like the elephants, the whales or the California red-woods, and focus on the tiny things, nearly everywhere on earth that scientists have looked, they have found microbial life which continues to expand the very definition of what’s ‘habitable’.

“Off the earth we’ve only begun to look. NASA has sent 5 rover and 4 landers to the surface of Mars and addition to that, our orbiters have been outfitted with some amazing cameras to take pictures of the whole surface of the planet and we’ve only explored a tiny fraction of Mars and that’s only one of the promising bodies to look for life in our solar system,” said Dr Hays.

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She further explained that there are icy moons in the outer solar system like Enceladus and Europa that look like they may have sub surface oceans that could be habitable. “Not just in our solar system, the more exo-planets we find in our solar system, the more we learn about how many environments could exist for life,” she said.

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