Trust NASA to take a ‘trend’ and make it ‘universal’. NASA’s Curiosity Rover shared a ‘planned-candid’ or a ‘plandid’ selfie via it’s official Twitter handle on August 24. The superstar rover which just completed its 9th year on Mars on August 6 is known for its hilarious captions and smart-witted posts on Twitter.

“I hear “plandids” are all the rage back on Earth. Did I get it right? I took this image using my Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) which is on the turret at the end of my arm. All LEDs were off, so the Sun is my only source of illumination,” it captioned the picture in a tweet.

The rover had acquired this image using its Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI), which is located on the turret at the end of Curiosity’s robotic arm, on August 22. 

When this image was obtained, NASA explains, the focus motor count position was 12588. The number indicates the internal position of the MAHLI lens at the time the image was acquired. It also tells whether the dust cover was open or closed.

Values between 0 and 6000 mean the dust cover was closed; values between 12500 and 16000 occur when the cover is open. 

For close-up images, the motor count can in some cases be used to estimate the distance between the MAHLI lens and target. 

Most of the images acquired by MAHLI during the day, use the sun as an illumination source. However, in some cases, MAHLI’s two groups of white light LEDs and one group of longwave ultraviolet (UV) LEDs may be used to illuminate targets. 

According to NASA, when the Curiosity rover acquired this image, the group 1 white light LEDs were off, the group 2 white light LEDs were off, and the ultraviolet (UV) LEDS were off.

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