A never before seen side of Venus captured by NASA
A never before seen side of Venus captured by NASA

A side of Venus that was never seen before has been revealed in a new picture clicked by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Parker Solar Probe. The magnificent photo clicked by the Wide-field Imager or WISPR shows the nightside of the planet.

NASA Scientists expected the images to be filled with thick clouds which usually obstruct the view of the planet’s surface, however, the photos captured by the WISPR surprised them as they showed a clear view of the surface.

According to reports, WISPR has been able to capture an elevated area of the planet called ‘Aphrodite Terra’. The report mentions that this area is about 85 degrees Fahrenheit colder than the surrounding area.

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Speaking about their new find, NASA said in a statement that the imager has been able to capture the thermal emissions of the planet too. Previously, a Japanese Venus probe with the ability to capture light at infrared wavelengths had captured similar images.

The images of Venus’ surface was clicked while Parker Solar Probe was studying the sun by using the gravity of Venus to get closer to the star. While trying to get closer to the star, the object passes by Venus, giving it the opportunity to capture pictures of its surface.

The Parker Solar Probe was launched back in 2018 and will continue probing the sun until 2025. In its seven-year-journey, the aircraft is expected to observe and study the outer corona of the sun.

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