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Activision seems to be struggling to keep the ‘Call of Duty Warzone’ stable.

It appears that the developers of the latest instalment in the Call of Duty (COD) franchise, Raven Software, have done more damage than fixing things ever since it took over. Warzone players have reported many more glitches after the patch. While developers Infinity Ward is working on the upcoming 2021 COD title, Raven Software has been in charge of Warzone.

Warzone players had already seen the infinite stim glitch in the past couple of months, along with the phase they had to go through when Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War ruined the meta in Warzone. Now in the past few days, another glitch has annoyed players in which the ‘Operator challenges’ have stopped working.

Raven Software listened to players and released a patch to fix the ‘Operator challenges’ in Warzone. But, the patch turned out to be a disaster as it has introduced a new problem. Now, COD Warzone players cannot even access the Operators tab in the game.

Warzone players are being made to wait for multiple patches to fix a single solution. And it is uncertain how long it will take Raven Software to develop a permanent and stable solution for the issues.

In the video below, a Reddit user shows how all the tabs in the COD Warzone menu are working. But whenever the player clicks the Operators tab, the screen, it reverts to the main menu instead.

Great job fixing the operator challenges, now we can’t even access the Operators tab from r/CODWarzone

Following Raven software’s inability to fix the games’ constant issues, players feel that it is the worst studio ever to work on a COD game. Another Reddit user expressed his disappointment in a comment on the video showing the Operator tab glitch.

Many have criticized Raven for making COD Warzone go from being the best FPS game launched in 2020, to a game no one wants to play because of the bugs and glitches.

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