Directors: Alex Van Wagner, Maureen Bharoocha (segment director)

Cast: Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner, Kenan Thompson, Pete Davidson, Niall Horan, Lilly Singh, John Legend, Dr. Phil 

Genre: Stand-up comedy 

Country / Language: USA / English 

Duration: 1 hr 8 min 

Release date: November 25, 2021 

‘Jonas Brothers Family Roast’ is a one-hour program that sees a bunch of well-known faces making fun of the Jonas Brothers. This group comprises – but isn’t limited to – the Jonas’ spouses Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner and Danielle, comedians Jack Whitehall, Pete Davidson and Lilly Singh, and musicians Niall Horan and John Legend. It’s a genius idea to have friends and family roast you. Most pop stars and film stars tend to be self-obsessed with drama-filled lives and careers ripe with setbacks and failures which make them the perfect subjects for stand up comedy. So whoever came up with this idea needs a raise. And more stars should embrace it. 

‘The Jonas Brothers Family Roast’ has a mix of hit and miss acts. When it’s good, it’s hilarious and will make you howl with laughter and applaud. And when it’s bad… it’s awkward, unfunny, and will make you groan or squirm. 

YouTube personality and comedian Lilly Singh is the first celebrity brought onstage to make fun of the famous trio of brothers. For those who do not know, Singh most recently hosted a late-night show of her own titled ‘A Little Late with Lilly Singh’. The show has since gained notoriety for being extremely un-funny and desperate with one tired joke after another. Her jokes – or what her script team has come up with – are usually about the entitlement of white men in society. This usual shtick of the “washed-up white boy” finds itself in her stand up performance at the ‘Family Roast’. It is easily the unfunniest part of the entire program, making you wonder why she was chosen to be the opening act. 

The most hilarious part of this show is singer John Legend’s piano-backed performance. Legend sings of how irrelevant and forgettable the Jonas Brothers are and compares them to the untouchable legacy of The Beatles. He croons, “You’ll never be the Beatles”. It is punchlined with John not even remembering the eldest brother’s name. He sings, “Keith? Ken??” while eyeing Kevin Jonas with suspicion. The sheer contrast between the song’s motivational sound and the utterly brutal lyrics will make you laugh out loud till you have tears in your eyes. 

Priyanka Chopra also has some great punchlines in her monologue when she calls Nick Jonas a baby and compares her marriage to him to a “babysitting” job. Actress Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas’ wife, is not as funny, however, as she attempts to make fun of Joe’s history of wearing a purity ring and famously refraining from pre-marital sex. Too bad she doesn’t go in too hard on him, choosing to be most respectful and gentle.

Danielle Jonas, Kevin Jonas’ wife, has a speech problem in this program. So she asks the show’s host Kenan Thompson to read out her jokes towards Kevin and the brothers. Danielle’s jokes are mostly safe and kind-hearted. She even ends her monologue with a reassuring and adoring compliment to her husband Kevin, to everyone’s applause, before kissing him and sitting down. 

The program ultimately has more bad jokes than good ones. In spite of funny turns from the previously mentioned personalities as well as the British comedian Jack Whitehall, who credits his adoration of Jonas Brothers for being an unpopular virgin for most of his school life, the show sinks due to the bad jokes. The unfunny turns are far too many to be ignored. SNL comedian Pete Davidson isn’t terrible at his line delivery. But also has the tendency to seem half-hearted in his speech, giving away his amusement at it all by chuckling to himself. Social media has called Davidson the saving grace of this program but this author is confused as to why. 

Another negative point to the show is the unneeded sequence of the Brothers playing American Football. This sequence is unnecessary and anyone outside of America will lack interest in this part. The episode with Joe Jonas and Niall Horan is at best, amusing and I’m sure, hilarious for diehard Niall and Joe fans. But to everyone else, it is a little underwhelming. 

These points are not, however, what make this show fail. For all of its hits and misses, it still has a great concept and will make for an entertaining Sunday evening for Netflix viewers. 

The major issue with it is the utter niceness and respect that almost feels hammered onto the viewers of the show. The Jonas Brothers try way too hard to show everyone that they are not taking the jokes personally by handing outstanding ovations to the guest friends like flyers at a fair. And the friends who perform these stand-ups, while 

mostly going in on the Brothers, always end their performance by almost putting down a band-aid on their wounds by running over to the boys and embracing them.

In fact, by the end of the show, we notice these stars looking tired. And that’s how you know many have been faking their laughs, trying too hard to be nice, putting in a little too much energy to not cause any strife. The show ultimately plays it too safe for their 

own good, pulling back many of their punches which if released could have resulted in some of the most hilarious and repeatedly watch-worthy performances for months to come. 

However, it is still worth an entertaining sit down for fans of the music trio or those of any of the guest stars taking part in the show. 

‘Jonas Brothers Family Roast’ is now streaming on Netflix.

It recently ranked #4 in TV Shows Today.

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