Shattered dreams: Evictions reveal the ugly side of ‘owning’ property in Guwahati
Eviction drive in Assam (File Image)

Guwahati: Assam’s capital city has, at least in terms of urbanisation, witnessed nothing less than an explosion in the past two decades. Speak to a person who is in their 30s and they will tell stories about the ‘empty’ parts of the cities; the waterbodies that regaled them as much as it scared them because of the mosquitoes.

But while everyone is nostalgic about a quieter, cleaner and greener Guwahati of the past, few, if any, highlight their role in how a city full of water bodies and located next to the mighty Brahmaputra resembles a parched city during summers and needs motorboats to cross streets during monsoons.

The reason people rarely, if ever, talk about their role is because, well, they know they might be guilty of occupying government land and turning them into homes. And......

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