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Guwahati: Winter seems to be like a season of fashion nightmare. With layers of clothing one above the other, it often becomes difficult to be fashionable without sacrificing your fashion sense. However, during winter, you can actually have a lot of options to experiment with — be it colourful beanies or single-shade puffer jackets and even long coats.

The key to surviving the winter is also to know how to layer properly. Hence, it includes the know-how that your winter clothing is not only there to protect you from the elements but also to showcase your attention to the finest of the detail.

From turtleneck tops and chic skinny jeans to statement coats and classic cashmere sweaters, this season’s winter clothes are as chilly as the temperatures. Here are a few that one can look into:


Turtlenecks can be worn single or with a coat or a jacket

If you want an easy way to look chic, warm and classy then look no further. These are versatile clothing options that give you a lot of avenues to explore with your style. There are various variations of it available as well in the form of crop turtlenecks to dress turtlenecks. You can even layer it underneath a jacket or a dress or wear it out as a solo option.

Blanket wrap scarf

There are plenty of ways to warp the blanket scarf

Another way to look effortless yet stylish is a blanket wrap scarf. Now there are plenty of options available and a plethora more YouTube videos to look into the different ways you can wrap it. There are countless ways to accessorise it over an outfit. Throw it carelessly over your shoulder or wrap it around multiple times.

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Long coats

Long coats have a plethora of other designs in the market

In winters, the outerwear is among the most important aspect of the entire outfit. So why not use this opportunity to make a bold statement with it. Use the long coat over your neutral outfit to add that pop of colour.

Denim jackets

Denim jackets can find its way in your wardrobe even in autumn season as well

These are one kind of winter wear which do not go out of style. This versatile jacket can be layered over just about everything. From sweaters to sweatshirts to dresses, these jackets make one stand out of the rest. Depending upon the type of outfits one can pair it with a different colour of denim, as it ranges from blue to pink to white to black. Another chic and fancy option is to opt for a denim jacket with a fur covering on the inside. These simple jackets are a head-turner for sure.

Leather jackets

Leather jackets has always been in fashion right from its inception

Want to look effortlessly fashion-savvy without looking over the top? Just toss on your regular old leather jacket and transform your winter outfit from drab to fab. All black leather jackets without much embellishment is a must-have on anyone’s wardrobe.

Skinny jeans

Be it summer be it winter skinny jeans will never disappoint you

With their streamlined fit, skinny jeans gives the wearer opportunity to layer multiple items on the top for warmth. Pair it with boots and a leather jacket and you are instantly transformed to streetwear with the right amount of finesse.

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