Mt Kanchenjunga, locally known as Khangchendzonga Credit: Robin Gurung 

I am a mountain girl. Unapologetically so. I need to see my mountains to feel alive and to be alive. Which is why I could never work or grow roots any place elsewhere. I need to wake up......

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  1. Wonderful article and the writer has a rich background on Sikkimese history, herself coming from an illustrious and historically connected family. There is only one small fault I find in the narrative of Sikkim’s territorial raids and skirmishes by it’s neighbours. Sikkim lost much of its land to Gurkha invasion and occupation leading to much of its territory being incorporated into present day Eastern Nepal. The adjoining Ha region of Western Bhutan also was occupied by the Bhutanese including the areas of Kalimpong to the East. Tibet always stood by Sikkim, and often came to the aid of the Sikkimese during Gurkha and Drukpa incursions. Tibet never occupied or raided any Sikkimese territory, although after the illegal 1890 convention, Tibet no longer had suzerainty over Sikkim. The British without the consent of Tibet, unilaterally went ahead and incorporated Sikkim as a British protectorate, by delimiting the boundary lines.

  2. Lovely article. I lived 15 yrs in sikkim and i could never get over the beauty of the mountains and hills. U have spoken my heart out here.

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