As we march into December, we look at some of the new song releases in the past week or two which made us laugh, cry and dance. They range from the genres of R&B, pop and punk to dance and rap. The list includes new releases by Ananya Birla, Ankur Tewari, Priya Ragu, The Linda Lindas, Jazmin Bean, ENNY, Remi Wolf and more.

We also have some Christmas-themed gems from talented acts that will get us in the right mood for the Christmas season.

  1. Pritt, twlve – You Mine

British singer Pritt links up with producer twlve with two new singles: “You Mine” and “Home”. “You Mine” is a smooth R&B track which talks about a toxic relationship, but through a rosy, romanticised lens. Clingy love. Hot and cold. Push and pull. It’s all cleverly explored, and proves entertaining. The artist has teased that more is to come in the following days (we are not sure if it’s music or visuals). But Team Pritt waits eagerly!

  1. Priya Ragu – Adalam Va!

Priya Ragu came to global recognition when her 2021 debut mixtape, damnshestamil, crashed through the slumbering pop scene with a drumroll. Fast forward to November 2022, the Swiss-Tamil artist still proves to be unstoppable.  This track (produced by Moon Willis and Ragu’s brother Japhna Gold) is a fast-paced number that feels like an action-packed film, thanks to an energy that threatens to burst through the seams. In her signature style, Ragu drops Tamil phrases here and there in a mostly English language tune. Payam enna? What is fear? Thalam podu…. Set the rhythm.… Adalam va! Let’s dance!

  1. Remi Wolf – Winter Wonderland

The LA-based songstress has given us two precious Christmas covers to cherish this holiday season. They are “Last Christmas” and “Winter Wonderland”. “Winter Wonderland”, birthed in 1934 by Felix Bernard and lyricist Richard Bernhard Smith, is especially delightful as it reminds us of why everyone fell in love with Remi in the first place. Her childlike joy and unbridled energy are expressed through her unique voice and fit perfectly with the festive theme. Wolf has a knack for delivering original songs with a re-do that makes us momentarily forget that it’s not really her song. She proved this with the Electric Lady performance of Frank Ocean’s “Pink + White” and her cover of Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart”. “Winter Wonderland” only further cements her as the Queen of Covers.

  1. The Linda Lindas – Groovy Xmas

The four-piece punk band from Los Angeles drop this unexpected Christmas present to charge us with the festive spirit. “Groovy Xmas” has a joyful sound that could be mistaken for a 90s sitcom opener. And a chorus that could be a radio jingle. But who cares? This band made up of four teens sure don’t. It’s just kids being kids. What makes the song memorable and marks it with that unique Linda stamp (and sets it apart from other family-friendly holiday music) are the lyrical references. The girls gleefully sing of all the lovely things waiting for them for Christmas. Like swigging pumpkin spice latte, and movie nights with ‘Home Alone’ and ‘The Grinch’. There’s also a shoutout to their cats Nino and Monica that a fan will spot right away.

  1. PinkPantheress – Boy’s a liar

The new single by Gen Z sensation PinkPantheress has been described by Stereogum as the “futuristic version” of “low-fi twee pop”. Meanwhile, another commenter hails it as an “elevated version of the garage pop sound” she came to be known for last year. Both statements are true. Produced by regular collaborator Mura Masa, “Boy’s a liar” is a vulnerable (and dance-y) song portraying some all-too common adolescent concerns: dealing with insecurities. Dealing with two-faced liars. With infatuation. With chagrin.

  1. Ananya Birla, Ankur Tewari – Kya Karein

Have you ever heard a song that is about failing in love? Not so much as failing in a relationship, but failing to fall as deep as your partner? Birla and Tewari tackle this rarely treaded ground with “Kya Karein”. “Yeh toh dil ka mamla hai, kya karein?” They have a point – you can’t help with what you can’t feel. Ananya’s singing could do with more energy to give that punch so desperately needed for a subject such as this. And so can Ankur. On the other hand, the soft rock instrumentation gives this song a gorgeous feel.

  1. ENNY – Champagne Problems

Fresh off the success of her debut 2021 EP, Under Twenty Five, British rapper ENNY still has many things to say. In this Beat Butcha and TALA-produced track, the 27 year old hops from one subject to another without giving too much thought to one issue – sort of like a train of thought that waits for nothing. In 2 minutes and 20 seconds, ENNY gets to grips with money, travels, the government, misogyny in hip hop, Lil Kim and more. It’s easy-going rap rather than the hardocre, fast-paced sound that non-hip hop fans are familiar with.

  1. ASHWARYA – Best Friend

Melbourne artist ASHWARYA tackles that unexpected twist of falling in love with your best friend, and expertly depicts the confusion and fear you feel as you tumble deep into it. This is the pop singer’s first single since going independent, and has a synth-y dance sound that will make you move while also making you feel down. It ends too quickly, but it’s fun regardless… although not as fun and unpredictable as her preceding single, “Can’t Relate”. “Best Friend” walks down the more sonically conventional lane.

  1. Jazmin Bean, Lucy Loone – Carnage

“Carnage” is third single from Jazmin Bean’s highly anticipated debut studio album (the first two singles being “R U Looking 4 Me Now” and “Puppy Pound”. Produced by Jessica Winter and Imad Royal, and featuring the largely dispensable verse from Lucy Loone, “Carnage” begins with some icy Christmas jingle-like notes that excites you from the get go. The chorus is absolutely stunning and Jazmin is as beautifully dramatic as ever.

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