A video showing aircraft flying above warships is being widely circulating on social media in the wake of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan and subsequent declarations of military retaliations from China’s side.

The video seemingly taken from a warship on a mobile phone has been widely shared both on Twitter and Facebook and claims US military aircraft to be flying near Taiwan.

A 39-second video clip was shared by verified Twitter user @ChaudharyParvez on July 30, 2022.

He shared another 59-second clip of the same video on Wednesday at 12.03 AM. This video has gained more than 216K views and over 250 retweets.

The video has been shared on Twitter with similar claims by multiple users. The video is also circulating on Facebook.


We did a reverse image search of the video after breaking it into keyframes using the InVid tool. On Yandex, we came across a 59-second YouTube clip uploaded on June 27, 2021. The video titled “ВМФ США.Армия.Флот.” translates as “US Navy.Army.Navy (sic).” in Google translator.

We did another reverse image search and traced this video uploaded on April 15, 2021, by a YouTube channel called Tinuod TV which identifies itself as a ‘mini-documentary channel’.

The title description of the video reads “JUST IN, US NAVY WARSHIP umaaligid na sa WEST PHILS. SEA…Magkakagirian na ata”, the Google translation reads, “JUST IN, US NAVY WARSHIP Hovering over WEST PHILS. SEA…It’s going to be a fight (sic).” As Google detected the language as Filipino, we assume that by ‘WEST PHILS. SEA’ suggests the West Philippine Sea; however, we could not geo-locate the video from our end.

Although we couldn’t claim the source of the viral video it can safely be said the video has no connection with Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan as it has been available on the internet for more than a year.

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