In Kolkata, male models draped in 6 yards of fabrics bust stereotypes
Amit Jain and Pritam Ghoshal (left to right)

Kolkata: Busting stereotypes, two male models in the city have draped themselves in six yards of fabric creating a buzz.

Models Pritam Ghoshal and Amit Jain have created quite a flutter with their looks in a stunning photoshoot featuring a collection of exclusive sarees in mostly white and black hues also with orange and blue streaks in a recent event during Pride month from June 1 to 30.

“We represent the new generation of fashionable men who want to smash gender stereotypes and challenge the conventional ideas of masculinity by donning lustrous drapes,” Ghoshal said at a special shoot organised on the occasion of Pride month

Debaroopa Bhattacharya, the person behind the initiative, said “stereotypes exist everywhere around us and we are often compelled to live with them as though they are innate to our identity. But why do men have to dress and behave in a certain way, There is no convincing reply.”

She said the special shoot, organised on the occasion of Pride month, highlighted the versatility of the saree as a garment on the one hand and upholding the freedom of choice that an individual possesses to dress and express himself in any way he wishes to, even if that is a departure from the conventions that society normally attaches to gender specific costumes.

In the process what emerged is a commendable portrait of men donning the saree in ways that made them look even more dapper than in typical masculine wear, she added.

The sarees chosen for the shoot included chanderi cotton silk embellished with Ajrakh print and Georgette Chiffon finished with Lucknow Chikankari.

“By bringing to light the event, we’ll, in turn, be able to attract potential like-minded people and reach the masses,” Bhattacharya, who is innovator of such dresses cutting across gender barriers explained.

Model Jain said “We want to convey a message that clothes are meant to be enjoyed, experimented with and played with.

“When the barriers are removed, the arena can be expanded in which customers can explore and express themselves in any way they want outside of the rigid constraints of gender stereotypes,” he said.

The pride month celebrates individual rights of LGBTQ and other communities across the world and their right to follow their own culture, have their own sartorial styles and express themselves.

In another photoshoot at a luxury hotel, model Pushpak Sen flaunted the robes with pride.

“Out of all the things I receive, some questions are consistent: A fully grown man wearing saree everywhere, I wonder how his mother must be feeling about all these, does his mother even accept him as her son, … I wonder, does she even acknowledge him and identify him as her son publicly?” Sen said.

Posting a picture of him with mother, he said “Here she is with me, both of us dressed in sarees and bindis, she overshadowing me in all the glory.”

“My saree is a Jamdani inspired by Satyajit Ray’s poster of his film ‘Devi’,” Sen said.

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