Shillong-based folk-fusion outfit 'Summersalt' set to release sophomore album
Shillong-based folk-fusion outfit 'Summersalt'

Shillong-based folk-fusion outfit Summersalt is set to release its sophomore album starting June 29, also the birthday of band-member Baiaineh C Shangpliang aka Nah, who passed away two years ago. The release of the song Mluh, literally meaning ‘Salt’, “will open a pandora’s box of creative surprises when 11 originals will be out, one at a time over a period of 7 months”.

The idea of releasing one song at a time is to augment the attention of the audience, fans and well-wishers, who, according to the band, need time to “digest the work of arts for art’s sake”. Besides, a lot of love and effort has been given to the construction of each song from lyrics, melody and arrangement.

Many Summersalt followers like Danny Lyngdoh said, “Such creative investment needs undivided attention from the audience for the sake of valuing the meaningfulness of each song. It is good that the release is one song at a time to give space for the audience to digest.”

The uniqueness of Summersalt’s folk-fusion identity lies in the fact that its cultural frequencies are swinging from pure folksiness to complete song writing styles of the world and vice-versa, yet maintaining creative sanity and primordial identity along the way. Summersalt believes that cultural coexistence is what it is blessed with – on
one hand, seeking and preserving the traditional identity, on the other, evolving and progressing to truly represent the local culture as it is.

In the words of Shantanu Hudlikar, the man behind the sound of Summersalt’s second album, “Hanging out with Summersalt and recording and mixing them has been probably the most-rewarding experiences professionally. Fusing the ethnic sounds along with contemporary sonic elements was so seamless, that it’s almost like it was a
God foreseen. And when the lyrics came in, this spirituality became even more evident”

He continues, “The musicianship, artistry and professionalism displayed by Suk, Kit, Ador, Greg, Weet, Nah and Dajied can be heard in every song. I am so happy the way these songs have turned out and sincerely hope the message of love and spirituality is heard by the masses, because that’s what was intended.”

The loss of Summersalt’s “fellow musician, bassist, friend and brother” Baiaineh C Shangpliang on May 11, 2020, was “enormously painful, as it left a creative vacuum and wound in each and every member of the band, but spiritual clarity made it possible for the band to bounce back”.

The sound of the bass guitar throughout the album is the one which Nah played. “We still miss him dearly today on stage and off stage. We also know that Summersalt’s music, as it is now, was largely contributed by the musicianship of Nah as the creative artiste that he was. Evidently, we know now that his works and legacy live on,” said guitarist Gregory Ford Nongrum.

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